Design & build
for web & mobile

Hello! I'm Fraser. I design and build things for web and mobile. Read on to learn more, or scroll down to see some of my work.

I'm a full stack developer (which means I know my way around a bit of everything), but my real passion lies in front end - building fast, effective, user friendly interfaces. I live and work in Glasgow, Scotland - spending my days full time with award winning digital agency Bright Signals - but I'm also open to particularly interesting freelance projects, so feel free to get in touch!


Front End Tweets

Side Project 2018

A simple Twitter bot which retweets front end related content. Developed quickly one afternoon as a proof of concept, it has attained all of its followers with zero input.

P4P Creative

Career 2016 - 2017

Full stack developer with a graphic design agency specialising in the high end commercial property market. Delivered projects for the likes of GVA and JLL.

Website Launch Checklist

Side Project 2017

An interactive web app containing an extensive to-do list when launching any new web project, based on a list which I curated myself over a number of years.


Career 2014 - 2016

Front end developer with a large cloud computing company, with a particular focus on the Easyspace brand which receives hundreds of thousands of visits per day.


Side Project 2015

A simple, completely free, modular website template. It was picked up on social media and blogs on a number of occasions, leading to it being downloaded thousands of times.

The Mobility Centre

Freelance 2015

Worked with the team to replace an old, unloved website with something more up to date, easier to use and maintain which now runs on WordPress and WooCommerce.

Get Out Glasgow

Side Project 2013 - 2015

A guide to local bars and restaurants which I created and ran. At its peak, GOG enjoyed over 20,000 unique visitors per month and over 10,000 followers on social media.


Career 2012 - 2014

Web manager for a Russian travel specialist. My role encompassed everything from graphic design to content management to front and back end web development.