Hello! I'm Fraser. I design and build things for web and mobile. Based in Glasgow, I currently work full time with Bright Signals, but I'm also open to interesting freelance projects. Scroll down to check out some of my work, and feel free to get in touch.

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Talisman Design

Freelance 2018

Worked with Paul Solis, creative director of Talisman, to deliver a full website build for the company. This build proved a satisfying challenge, as it contains a number of unique features and unusual animations throughout. The website combines a fully bespoke front end with a Wordpress backend, allowing it to be easily updated going forward.


Interactive Periodic Table

Side Project 2017

Originally created in 2015 (and visually freshened up in 2017), this is an interactive, fully responsive periodic table of the elements which plugs into the Wikipedia API to pull in additional information and images for each entry. This tool is used by teachers around the world, and is even linked to from the websites of a number of major colleges and universities.



Side Project 2017

A Facebook Messenger bot which serves up a daily 5 question general knowledge quiz to hundreds of users. QuizBear is a webhook, written in PHP, which communicates in real time with Facebook's Graph API and was my first exploration of any form of "AI" bot or conversational interface. QuizBear stores basic user information on its own server, which allows me to track users' progress and statistics.


Bright Signals

Career 2017 - Present

Full stack web (and occasional app) developer for a multi award winning digital marketing agency based in Glasgow. Bright Signals specialise in agile social marketing and unique interactive installations for a wide range of clients. During my time here I've had the pleasure of working on large web projects for the likes of Tennent's, Magners, Bowmore, Jura, Citizens Theatre and many others.


Website Launch Checklist

Side Project 2017

An interactive application containing an extensive to-do list to follow when launching a new web project, based on a handwritten list which I had been updating and consulting for years. In an effort to try and draw search traffic to the site, I also wrote a number of articles for the site (expanding on individual list items) which has been mildly successful.


P4P Creative

Career 2016 - 2017

Full stack web developer at a highly regarded graphic design agency specialising in the branding and marketing of commercial property throughout the UK. During my time at P4P I worked regularly with some of the largest names in the property industry, including JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, GVA, Ryden and Savills. I also delivered a full redevelopment of the main company website.


The Mobility Centre

Freelance 2015

Worked with the team at The Mobility Centre to replace an old unloved website with something more up to date, easy to use and easy to maintain. The website now runs a fully bespoke theme on WordPress and WooCommerce, which allows easy management of all of the site's content and products, whilst giving the flexibility to scale into e-Commerce in the future if required.



Career 2014 - 2016

Front end web developer for iomart, a large cloud computing, web hosting, backup and disaster recovery company based in Glasgow. I worked as part of a team designing and developing features for several internal clients including Easyspace, Melbourne, RapidSwitch and iomart itself, serving several hundred thousand users per month.



Side Project 2015

A very simple, free to use, modular website template. It was picked up on social media and web design blogs on a number of occasions, leading to it being downloaded thousands of times and still getting a constant stream of traffic to this day.


Get Out Glasgow

Side Project 2013 - 2015

A guide to local bars, restaurants and things to do which, at its peak, enjoyed 20,000 unique visitors per month and over 10,000 followers on social media. I no longer post regularly, however I do carry out minimal work to keep the most popular pages up to date (my "Best Bars in Glasgow City Centre" post, for example, still receives in the region of 5,000 views per month, all from search).



Career 2012 - 2014

As Web Manager for Russian travel specialists IntoRussia, my role encompassed everything from graphic design, to web development (front and back end), to content and social media management. As such a varied role, it gave me experience of a lot of different disciplines which really cemented my love for front end development, an area which I then went on to specialise in at my next position.