Some of my favourite projects - personal and professional - of the last few years.

JottrWeb App

Design, UX, front and back end development of a plain text "cloud" notes app. It's a Node/Express/MongoDB API back end, with Passport.js for authentication, consumed by a React front end. Lots of additional features planned.

STV News logo

STV NewsWebsite and Native Apps

UX, front and back end development of the STV News website, launched in early 2020 and followed by development of iOS and Android apps. Design by Oli Breidfjord (Bright Signals). Additional UX by Grant Gibson (Bright Signals) and David Milne (STV).

Interactive Periodic TableWeb App

A project which I first created back in 2015, and recently (2020) rebuilt in React with a spruced up interface and a couple of new features. The periodic table has a store of local data, and pulls images in real time from the Wikipedia API. Logo

Boag.onlineThis Website

Design, UX, front and back end development of this very website, which runs on the fantastic Craft CMS. One of my favourites to date, although I often feel that way about my latest personal project so we'll see how long that holds up...

Passport to JuraWeb App

UX and development of a unique web app, allowing users to explore a 3D model of the Isle of Jura, whilst watching complementary videos. Design by Tom Quayle (Bright Signals). Additional UX by Grant Gibson (Bright Signals). 3D model by Interference Pattern.

QuizBearMessenger Bot

Development of a challenging daily quiz, served through Facebook Messenger. QuizBear has sent out over 100,000 questions and, at its peak, had many hundreds of daily active users. Unfortunately, due to Facebook API updates which I didn't keep up with, QB no longer exists, but you can read a bit more about it on my blog.


Front and back end development of the Elektronika theatre company's main website. The site was designed to serve as a core framework from which differently themed sister sites could be spawned. Design by Paul Solis (Talisman).

Website Launch ChecklistWeb App

Design, UX and development of a simple web app used to track progress when launching a web project, based on a list I compiled in a document over time. The site automatically tracks usage to ensure progress persists across sessions.

Talisman DesignWebsite

Front and back end development of a highly interactive website for Glasgow design agency Talisman. Design by Paul Solis (Talisman).

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